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Cortney + Bobby, Love & Light: Publick House Sturbridge, MA

What can I say about my best friends wedding?

That it was delightful? A blast? More fun than should be possible? Well for starters that would be an understatement...

Cortney and Bobby are the epitome of soul mates. They fit so perfectly together it's sort of hard to believe. Their union and celebration was filled with so much happiness that it filled the room and touched every person that encountered it. It was contagious.

Cortney is the kind of woman that surrounds herself with like minded individuals; fun, caring and positive. Once she considers you a friend... You are locked in for life.

Bobby has embraced every aspect of Cortney's love for life, fun and friends, by genuinely reflecting it and and embracing every. single. one. of us.

BAM! Second largest wedding wedding party I've ever had the pleasure of designing.

As we all get older, life gets complicated, and it seems as though we all see each other more and more infrequently. But when we do.... It's like magic. It's like you've found that missing puzzle piece, the one from the puzzle with 1,000 pieces that you've been working on for YEARS. The puzzle that's made up of a million tiny pictures to make a bigger picture that's only realized when you place those last few pieces.

These are my friends... some old, some new... but all connected, all realizing that bigger picture and finding that our lives have all been intertwined from the beginning.

All right... enough of the sappy reminiscing...

FLOWERS... This is what we are here for. Yes?

Whites and cream with touches of blush and burgundy. Romantic, loose and airy with a rustic vintage vibe. **Insert professional opinion** When choosing your wedding colors, choose a contrasting color for the flowers. There is nothing worse than paying for flowers (that are there to enhance your photographs) that completely disappear in photos because they were expertly matched to the bridesmaids dresses. In this cases, choosing the whites and creams helped to play on the soft nature of the blush bridesmaids dresses, while also creating a contrast. We ended up adding those amazing blush Clooney Hanoi ranunculas to add a some color relation to the dresses and burgundy hellebores to give the bouquets some deeper dimension.

Centerpieces varied on the tables. Here we have a collection of bottles placed on long tables. The Father of the bride hand crafted all of the table numbers to look like rustic little barns.

And on these tables we had a beautiful low and full arrangement designed in a rustic wooden box.

Cortney also decided for the reception to where a flower crown with daisies as a nod to her mother, who also wore a daisy flower crown at her wedding. It's a great way to change your look for the reception with out committing too much extra time or money.

I wish I could bottle this day up and save it for a later date. But I will lovingly enjoy the photos (David Garcia Photography) every time I am feeling low and need a pick me up.

THANK YOU Bobby & Cortney for always loving me like family and letting FLEUR + STITCH be such a big part of your special day!

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