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Irini + JP : An Enchanting Ceremony at Lynch Park Rose Garden

The Lynch Park Rose Garden in Beverly is a ceremony location that was the estate of Mr. and Mrs. Evans and was the vacation home of President William Taft. Inside the brick walls and shrubs lies a stunning landscape featuring formal gardens and beautiful annual and perennial flowers. This 95 year old rose garden is modeled after those in Italy. Pinks, yellows, reds, oranges, purples and white bordered by rolling lawns and lush greens overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean sets the most amazing backdrop.

For those of of you that don't know me, I'm not only a flower nerd, but also a garden/plant nerd. I was so excited to be working in this landmark location. I was blown away the first time I visited this garden, I think someone that took me on a date there (many many moons ago) was trying to impress me. Boy did it ever. The relationship ultimately didn't work out, but the depth and beauty of this garden left a lasting impression.

Irini and JP planned to celebrate their day by creating an intimate atmosphere. This wedding may have been on the petite side (about 70 guests) but it did not lack in detail or beauty. From the ceremony to the reception, guests were treated to stunning details such as hand painted oyster shells and custom lace napkins. Each detail was well thought out and perfectly appointed including a couple of my favorite floral installations of the year!