Danielle + Danyson: The Sophisticated Beauty of Glen Magna

It seems strange to say, but fall is almost upon us. Put down the pumpkin spice and don't talk to me about sweater weather until September 21st..... THEN it is fall.... The calendar says so. Once upon a time rich fall tones like burgundy were only reserved for autumn, but are now used throughout the year. Danielle and Danyson were married September 1 at the enchanting Glen Magna and wanted to play up the rich fall tones in anticipation of what the season brings.

Glen Magna NEVER disappoints, but I feel August and September are the most beautiful months. The gardens are in full swing and are lush with blooms from the sun that June and July brought and the plants havent been hit with any cool nights or frost yet. Its really my happy place. I love the lore/story of the weeping beech (my mother and I celebrated it's birthday this year at party thrown by the historical society, 180 years young) it's a grove of five trees that makes the most enchanting canopy. It's massive older branches have naturally grafted into each other making it feel like a web. It feels like a hidden fairy garden as you walk through the doorway cut in it's foliage and are greeted by it's massive trunks with the graffiti of a hundred of years carefully carved into them. So, Needless to say I love this place and am somehow drawn to it with a very strong pull.

The mansion, once owned by the Peabody's, is a gorgeous colonial revival and was used as a summer home until 1963 when it was purchased by the Danvers Historical Society. The Historical Society has worked hard to restore the grounds and gardens to its early 20th century appearance. If you are a gardener... I urge you to go see this property. It is open to the public Monday-Friday 9am-dusk and Saturday and Sunday 8am-11am.

In 2018 they installed a permanent seasonal tent and it has been a dream to work with. For Danielle + Danyson we installed Elaeangus foliage across the length of the tent and it was a show stopper. It mirrored their all lush greenery motif and was magical when it was lit up at night.

For the centerpieces we used a combination of two different looks, tall and full greenery centerpieces and low candle centerpieces. This was our first time using these tall gold containers and they were GORGEOUS!

Foliage for the talls included:

Silver Dollar Ecualptus




Crocosmia Seed pods

The low candle centerpieces are always a crowd pleaser. Around the collection of 6 pillar containers we used some Coculus and a few 'Quicksand' roses.

The property boasts several follies including this small two story structure known as The Derby Summerhouse, purchased and moved to the property in 1901. The structure was deemed a national historical landmark in 1968.

Ceremonies are conducted in the large formal garden in front of an oversized trellis that has an enormous wisteria vine climbing up it with the ancient weeping beech in the background.

We adored working on this wedding and we love Glen Magna. Please reach out to us if you are getting married there, we would LOVE to work with you!

Special Thanks to Danielle and Danyson, thanks for letting us be such a big part of your day!

And thank you to Kathryn Riley for all of her amazing work on the photos!

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