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Mandy + Brian: A Romantic Cape Cod Beach Wedding

Cape Cod Beach Wedding Flowers, Fleur + Stitch

I first met Mandy when she was a bridesmaid for Andrea + Matt 's wedding. She loved the bouquets that I had provided and was excited to talk to me about her upcoming wedding. She hadn't yet nailed down a lot of her details, (I don't think she had even gotten a dress yet) but she loved flowers, greenery, succulents and she had a date and a venue and that's all that mattered.

I meet with a lot of couples that don't have all of their details of the day together yet. We only require that you've set a date. That's it. Our first meeting is kind of like putting together a "wish list". Tell me everything you'd like to see a price for on your proposal. You are never obligated to purchase everything on the proposal. You pick and choose what fits best for you and your budget.

Cape Cod Beach Wedding Flowers, Fleur + Stitch

Then we have another meeting, closer to your wedding date, that we get down to the nitty gritty. Make all the selections from the first draft of your proposal and go over very specific item detail, like ribbon color and boutonniere flowers. There are so many decisions that need to be made before you decide on some of the minutia of your flowers. So if you don't know it all at our first meeting, don't sweat it!

Cape Cod Beach Wedding Flowers, Fleur + Stitch

How gorgeous are Mandy's bridesmaids in their Show Me Your Mumu dresses! She chose all dreamy, soft pastel shades and her MOH was in the floral print. I just love how elegant yet relaxed all of the dresses were!

For centerpieces she really loved these geometric lanterns and she bought one for every table. They were all different.


**When choosing your centerpieces don't be afraid to make them all different. It really gives guests a reason to get up and look around. **

Working together we came up with a look that we were both extremely happy with. We decided on making small composites for each table. Each composite had arrangements composed in a stemless wine glass, a wine glass and a lantern. Inside each lantern we created custom table numbers to fit precisely into each geometric shape and then added some rosemary or a succulent to give even more interest.

I was so pleased with how these turned out. For the flowers we used white Hydrangea, white 'O'Hara' garden roses, blue Thistle, peach spray roses, 'Tiffany' roses, white Veronica, white Dahlias, Scabiosa pods and seeded eucalyptus.

Cape Cod Beach Wedding Flowers, Fleur + Stitch

Mandy and Brian were so wonderful to work with and I think this was really a true collaboration, so THANK YOU for letting Fleur + Stitch be such a big part of your day!

Special thanks to

for capturing the day beautifully and for the use of all of their beautiful pictures.

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