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Karen + Fantasia: Sentimental Details and Ideas for Honoring Loved Ones

Everyone wants to honor the ones that brought us to where we are. The ones who showed us love and set great examples of that love. Or maybe you want to remember the ones that are no longer with us. Either way, weddings are such a milestone that its hard not to give a nod to the ones who helped shape us.

Karen and Fantasia came to me with an amazing original idea, but ultimately were unsure of how they were going to execute it. Karen had a few dresses, from her grandmothers, that she wanted to be incorporated into her bouquet. Well little did she know that I had been training for this exact moment for 7 years lol....

You see, when I had my daughter, I started to become OBSESSED with bows; got an Etsy addiction (don't worry I'm in recovery now) and spent WAY too much money. So I thought.... I must be able to make these, let me get my glue gun out... and it began. I began reading every tutorial that was out there. I made bows for my daughter and friend's daughters and eventually opened my own Etsy shop. In the process I learned to make several different kinds of fabric and ribbon flowers as well as bows...

So that brings us back to the story of Karen + Fantasia...

Karen mentioned she wanted to make flowers out of the dresses and boy did they bring a tear to my eye! We also added a few paper flowers so they could be used as keepsakes. I couldn't have been happier with how these all turned out

We also added a ribbon rose made out of the dresses for Fantasia's boutonnière!

Scroll through to see the rest of the images below! This really was a dream project, thank you Karen + Fantasia for letting me flex my creative muscles and thanks for letting

Fleur + Stitch be such a big part of your day!

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