Lauren + Mike: Tuscan Romance in Historic Salem, Colonial Hall

Well, can I just say that this post is LONG over due.

It was a downpour the morning of April 2, 2016. I was really in a push to load up two vehicles while it dumped buckets. Hunched shoulders, bowed heads, lugging boxes and vases, my team and I scurried.... All while my hair, that I for some reason, meticulously blow dried that day, frizzed and flattened in all the wrong places. *GASP*

Oh the drama *insert sarcasm*

Lauren a classic Beauty...

Salem Wedding, Rockafellas Wedding, Colonial Hall Wedding

For all the rain in the world could have dumped on my perfectly blow dried hair that day and it wouldn't have put a damper on my excitement for the beauty that was about to unfold.

Lauren a soft natured, beautiful and sweet bride was about to marry Michael, composed and calm with a kind sole, in a ceremony that gave me goose bumps.

Michael cool and calm...

Salem Wedding, Rockafellas Wedding, Colonial Hall Wedding

Salem Wedding, Rockafellas Wedding, Colonial Hall Wedding

The ceremony was beautifully officiated by a their friend Khloe, with lots of stories and anecdotes, but what really hit it out of the park.... oh....... just a choir....... An AMAZING choir singing in a room that was built for choirs! Colonial Hall at one point was a church (amongst other things). The acoustics were mind-blowing and sent chills down my spine.

Watch it....... try not to get sea sick with my choppy Iphone video skills....

Also.... Can we talk about the ribbon and crepe paper installation??? This couple was amazing, they trusted me to use both sides of my brain and design and install this canopy of paper and ribbon to bridge a gap of 51 feet, that their guests enjoyed and danced under the whole night.

I think I nailed the rendering.... love when that happens.

Colonial Hall Salem MA

Colonial Hall Salem MA